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1) अक्षरा और अंशुमान की जोड़ी की पहली फिल्म "ऐसा पति मुझे दे भगवान" का ट्रेलर 14 जून को होगा रिलीज.... 2) द. अफ्रीका के खिलाफ बांग्लादेश की हार, अंपायर के फैसले पर उठे सवाल.... 3) नॉर्वे शतरंज: मैग्नस कार्लसन, जू वेनजुन ने जीते खिताब.... 4) दुनिया में रोनाल्डो जितना खतरनाक कोई खिलाड़ी नहीं : सुनील छेत्री.... 5) यूपी की जनता ने नफरत, हिंसा के खिलाफ वोट दिया - राहुल गांधी.... 6) कांग्रेस की हरियाणा, महाराष्ट्र और झारखंड में चुनाव की तैयारी, हर विधानसभा के लिए नियुक्त होगा प्रभारी.... 7) जनता ने भाजपा के सारे नारों की निकाली हवा : अजय राय....
The New Spider-man Suit looks Weird
Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 4:02:06 PM - By S. M. Nouman

The New Spider-man Suit looks Weird
The New Spider-man
We’ve finally got a look at the newest iteration of Spider-Man. To some, the suit looked like a smooth, candy-coated CG mess, while others immediately recognized and appreciated the Silver Age-inspired design. What makes the new Marvel/Sony Spider-Man design so surprising compared to the other Spider-Man costumes is that it isn’t based on any recent design of the character from the comics and it exists in Stark contrast (rimshot!) to the gritty designs of Warner Bros. or Fox’s superhero universes.

The spider logo on the front is the smallest it has ever been, is a completely different design than the previous movie iterations — one that recalls the Silver Age costume of the character
The cool thing about the Civil War Spider-Man suit (besides the extra cartridges for his web-shooters) are the mechanical eyes. You can hear them whir as the black borders on the lenses contract, amazingly, from a John Romita-sized eye to a Steve Ditko-sized eye.

What the final Spider-Man design ended up being was a barely modernized version of a classic design, the next logical step for a company that introduced purple-skinned Paul Bettany with a yellow MacGuffin jewel embedded in his head.